Q&A with Elmer artist Jess Perrin

A steady regular with Wild in Art, Jess Perrin chats to us about her creative career and inspiration for her Elmer.

How did you get involved with Wild in Art?

“My first trail was The Big Sleuth in 2017 because I was doing my Masters [Visual Communications] at the time and part of it was to apply to live briefs, so I did my submission… and I got selected.

I got to know the team who were there and ended up doing the maintenance programme through them and then just… got the bug!”

Painting for The Big Sleuth

How many sculptures have you painted to date?

“The one that I’m painting now [for Elmer’s Big Belfast Trail] is my 49th. I’ve done 33 trails since 2017 and I’m doing The World Reimagined project after this.” – this will take Jess over the 50 mark this year.

“[Today] I actually found a picture on my phone of me with one of the owls from The Big Hoot [Birmingham, 2015] and I had no idea what Wild in Art was at the time… and here I am now!”

Elmer of Thrones by Jess Perrin

Elmer of Thrones by Jess Perrin

What was your inspiration for this Elmer design?

“I was approached to do a Game of Thrones-style Elmer because they filmed a lot of the show in Northern Ireland. I had to depict the characters in my own style which was fine for me because I’d never seen the show!”

“I was quite nervous and it was a challenge… making a cute Elmer into a dragon is quite difficult. The sculpture had to be family friendly… Game of Thrones isn’t very family friendly is it?”

Well we think she’s done a fantastic job!

Original digital design by Jess Perrin

Original digital design by Jess Perrin

How have you grown artistically through sculpture painting?

“You find ways of working that you never would have in the past… especially when you’re drawing the design, because you have to think about the sculpture in 3D so you know what not to put on the underside.

When I did one of my Bees in Manchester, it was only the second sculpture that I’d done and I made the arms stripey… never again!”

Do you have creative projects outside of sculpture painting?

“[Sculpture painting] takes up most of my time and I do some of the fibreglass repair work with them. I feel like that would make it easier to go into prop design if I wanted.”

Jess also runs an online store where she sells her prints, check it out here.

“I did my degree in animation and game design so I would love to pursue that, which I think you can tell through my sculptures. I always put characters on my sculptures which helps me build up a portfolio for other things as well as large scale paintings.”

Keep up to date with Jess’s creations on Instagram.

Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades