National Rewards

Are you an Elmer Superfan?

Wild in Art & Andersen Press are rewarding Elmer superfans with access to exclusive Elmer rewards for visiting two or more trails across Suffolk, Plymouth and Tyne and Wear this Summer.

Elmer’s Big Art Parades kick off in Suffolk on 15th June and ends in Tyne and Wear on 1st November 2019 – that’s 140 days of Elmer’s art parades across the country. Plan your trip to unlock as many Elmers as you can by visiting two or all three trails.

  • Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk: 15th June – 13th September 2019
  • Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth: 8th July – 16th September 2019
  • Elmer’s Great North Parade: 21st August – 1st November 2019

Download the apps & unlock as many Elmers as you can!

When you unlock Elmers on two or more trails your apps will automatically reveal a national reward with instructions on what to do next. Make sure you use the same email to sign in to all three apps. Download the apps from the App Store or Google Play and get unlocking!

  • Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk app
  • Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth app
  • Elmer’s Great North Parade app

National Rewards

Visit two trails

Unlock any Elmer sculpture on any two trails and you’ll receive an exclusive super duper online discount code to purchase Elmer’s Big Art Parades figurines via our online shop. (Courtesy of Wild in Art).

Visit three trails

Unlock any Elmer sculpture on all three trails and you’ll have the chance to win exclusive Elmer artwork & books signed by celebrated children’s author and artist David McKee. (Courtesy of Andersen Press).

Complete all three trails

Unlock ALL the large and little Elmer sculptures across ALL three trails and you’ll have the chance to win a medium sized gold Treasure Trunk Elmer sculpture! (Courtesy of Wild in Art).

Good luck Superfans!

You’ve got from 15th June to 1st November 2019 to visit two or more trails. Winners will be notified by email, announced on this website and on social media. Share your photos with us using #ElmerSuperfan

The Winners!

Congratulations to the National Reward winners! The winners have been notified and will be publicly announced (pending approval) on Wednesday 13th November 2019. Almost 200 Elmer Superfans visited two or more trails, we’re over the moon so many of you have enjoyed Elmer’s Big Art Parades this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock a national reward?

Download each of the Elmer’s Big Art Parades Suffolk, Plymouth and Great North apps. Use the same email address to sign in to all three apps and start unlocking Elmer sculptures. If you unlock any large or little Elmer sculptures on two, or three trails you’ll unlock a national reward. If you unlock ALL the large and little Elmer sculptures across all three trails you’ll unlock the ‘Complete all three trails’ national reward.

How do I complete all three trails?

You must unlock all the large and little Elmer sculptures on all three trails across Suffolk, Plymouth and Tyne and Wear. It’s a big ask, but we know there are Elmer superfans out there who will do this!

I’ve achieved a national reward but the app hasn’t unlocked the reward?

Check you’re connected to the internet, either WiFi or a mobile network. Make sure you have the latest update installed on your device. Close the app completely and re-open it (or restart your device). Finally, review the app permissions and ensure everything is checked. Still no luck? Email michelle@wildinart.co.uk with the email you used to sign in to the apps.

How do I access my reward?

Select REWARDS in the bottom navigation. Then select NATIONAL, locked rewards are grey, unlocked rewards are in colour. Click the star to reveal the reward instructions.

I don’t have the apps, can I still enter?

Yes. Enter your details here and we’ll be in touch to verify your trail visits. You’ll receive your online discount code soon after and, if you visit three trails or complete three trails, be entered into the prize draw to win prizes.

How long do I have to enter the competitions?

The closing date for competition entries is midnight on 1st November 2019. Entries received after the closing date will not be considered eligible.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be notified by telephone or email, announced on this website and via social media on 8th November 2019.

Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades