National Rewards – The Winners!

Congratulations to the National Reward winners!

Elmer’s Big Art Parades kicked off in Suffolk on 15th June, then opened in Plymouth on 8th July and ended in Tyne and Wear on 1st November 2019, that’s 140 days of Elmer’s art parades across the country.

We teamed up with Andersen Press to reward Elmer superfans with access to exclusive National Rewards for visiting two or more trails across Suffolk, Plymouth and Tyne and Wear. This year we’ve seen 168 Elmer superfans visit two trails, 21 superfans visit three trails and 8 superfans complete all three trails.

The Stats

• 168 superfans visited two trails
• 21 superfans visited three trails
• 8 superfans completed all three trails by collecting all 368 sculptures. That’s all large and little sculptures on all 3 trails and covering approx 1,014 miles between Suffolk, Plymouth and Newcastle.

The Winners

Congratulations to Alan & Cathy Crotty who actually visited four trails (Suffolk, Plymouth, Great North and London) and are the winners of exclusive Elmer artwork & books signed by celebrated children’s author and artist David McKee (courtesy of Andersen Press).

Alan & Cathy said:

“We have been doing Wild In Art trails for 4 years (14 trails) now. We thoroughly enjoyed every one but this is the first time we’ve ever won anything! The trails have got us to go to places we would perhaps not normally visit, we have met lots of lovely people, seen great cities and towns and of course seen splendid artwork on the sculptures. We are looking forward to new trails in 2020.”

Alan & Cathy Crotty visited and completed all three Elmer’s Big Art Parades 2019. Pictured at Sit Among the Flowers by Sally Adams on the Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth trail.

Congratulations to Lynda Wood, who completed all three trails and is the lucky winner of a medium sized gold Elmer sculpture (courtesy of Wild in Art)!

Lynda said:

“I’m delighted to have won. It was a pleasure completing all three trails and seeing each and every Elmer.”

Elmer Figurines

If you’re looking for the perfect memento of Elmer’s Big Art Parades we’ve got four wonderful Elmer figurines available on our Elmer shop.


Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades