Meet The Artists


Mike and Katie make up the design duo, better known to the world as TADO. Based in Sheffield, UK, this pint-sized creative powerhouse has produced an endless list of darkly adorable characters, artwork and projects that have terrorized and delighted individuals and clients world wide for over a decade. Started in 2002 when the pair began to work together at university, TADO quickly became an established name through their unique style, humour, illustrations, animations, and toy designs. Everything they do is produced in total collaboration – whether it be taking turns in drawing, painting, drilling, glueing, scribbling or clicking.

Mik Richardson

Mik finished in the RAF as an instructor in 2006, and his career took an amazing 180° turn. Since then Mik has completed over 400 murals and held 300 graffiti workshops working for various schools, youth groups and companies such as NR5 Future project, Creative Arts East, The BBC, Broadland & North Norfolk Councils, Northampton, Kings Lynn and Lincolnshire county councils, Connexions, The Norfolk Police, Break Charity and many others.

Mik first got involved with Wild in Art in 2008, on one of the early trails called GoGo Elephants, in Norwich. He was involved with 7 of the sculptures, and from that moment, he was bitten by the Wild in Art bug. Since then Mik has produced 57 Wild in Art sculptures, on 20 trails, plus a couple of personal commissions, raising just over £210,000 for charities.

Charlotte Audrey

Charlotte Audrey is an independent art director and visual artist based in the UK, and runs a small studio, working predominately within the entertainment and fashion industries. Having worked with clients such as Sony Music, Universal, MTV, Coca Cola, Red Bull and Paramount amongst others. Charlotte’s practice is very much informed by popular culture, but also includes a lot of hand crafted elements, including illustration and collage, as well as a lot of still life photographic and motion based work. Charlotte has also worked extensively in motion, having created social content for Coca Cola, Virgin Atlantic and Twitter, and has also worked to create animation based content for Sony and Warner and Universal Records, including having recently directed the Ed Sheeran lyric video for Shape of You, which has currently amassed over 600 million views.

Lois Cordelia

Lois Cordelia is a prolific freelance artist and illustrator in cut-paper,  acrylics and mixed media, and a self-confessed Wild in Art addict. She is best known as a  speed-painter working live in public. At the other end of the scale she creates intricate  papercuts using a surgical scalpel. Lois regularly teaches and performs demonstrations of  her art techniques, as well as running life drawing sessions and an interfaith art forum. Since 1999, she has worked as a part-time apprentice to illustrator Jan Pienkowski. Her university degree was in Arabic. The effortless beauty of Arabic script remains an influence in her art to this day.

Kitty McCall

Catherine Nice, also known as Kitty McCall, is a graphic print designer with over 10 years experience in the creative industry. Her signature images play with colour, overlaid pattern and shape. Her clients include Häagen-Dazs, Accor Hotels, Simon & Schuster, Estee lauder and Vitra. Catherine lives and works in Folkestone and is part of the Creative foundation’s community of artists and creative businesses located in the area.

Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades