Q&A with Elmer Artists TADO

Wild in Art invited designers Mike and Katie, otherwise known as TADO, to design and paint a 1.1 metre tall Elmer sculpture for the launch of Elmer’s Big Art Parades.

Specialists in illustration, character design, and animation TADO were the perfect partners. We sat down with the pint sized creative power house to find out more about their practise, creative process and the inspiration behind ‘Partyphunt’ their bubble gum coloured Elmer sculpture.

Introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based and what you do.

Hi! We’re Mike and Katie, two illustrators / animators / makers / scribblers from Sheffield collectively known as TADO.

What first got you into visual arts?

Both of us have been creative from an early age. Growing up with 80’s cartoons, we both share a love of all things comics and animation based, as well as collecting all manner of toys, action figures and creative junk. The influence of all these things is very strong in the work we produce!

What is your creative process from inception to creation?

We usually start by having a quick brainstorm – we’re very much on the same wavelength so ideas get bounced around and then it’s straight into sketching. Once we’re both happy we work the design up digitally, in the case of Elmer it was then just a case of applying the characters by hand with paint.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Chips and Sushi.

How does the place / city you live influence your image making?

We are very lucky to live in Sheffield, right on the edge of the Peak District. We spend a huge amount of time roaming the hills on bikes or on foot. As a lot of our work is digital, having the ability to disconnect and get away from the screens easily is very important to us.

Which Elmer did you design and what’s the concept?

Our Elmer is called ‘Partyphunt’ – he’s inspired by the original story and is all about celebrating our differences and partying together!

‘Partyphunt’ by TADO.

‘Partyphunt’ by TADO.

What project are you working on now?

We’re working on a really fun project with the Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s Artfelt Programme to design a fantastic new installation for the entrance of their new wing.

What is the number one piece of advice you would like to tell new artists?

Enjoy your work! Work is play, play is work.


Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades