Q&A with Elmer artist Charlotte Audrey

Charlotte Audrey is an independent art director and visual artist based in the UK, and runs a small studio, working predominately within the entertainment and fashion industries. Wild in Art caught up with Charlotte to find out more about her ‘Born to Stand Out’ Elmer sculpture.

Having worked with clients such as Sony Music, Universal, MTV, Coca Cola, Red Bull and Paramount amongst others, Charlotte and team have a wealth of experience delivering projects ranging from global album campaigns to social content in a witty and playful style.

Charlotte Audrey’s Creative Style

Charlotte’s practice is very much informed by popular culture, but also includes a lot of hand crafted elements, including illustration and collage, as well as a lot of still life photographic and motion based work.

Charlotte has also worked extensively in motion, having created social content for Coca Cola, Virgin Atlantic and Twitter, and has also worked to create animation based content for Sony and Warner and Universal Records, including having recently directed the Ed Sheeran lyric video for Shape of You, which has currently amassed over 600 million views.

Album Artwork

Charlotte has also directed album adverts for One Direction and other video content for artists such as M83 and produced other music and lyric videos for Tiesto, Liam Payne, and recently Kasabian.

Elmer Inspiration

Charlotte’s concept for ‘Born to Stand Out’ was to celebrate diversity and difference, as this is so important in the context of today. Using hand drawn type to communicate this message gives Elmer a childlike, playful feel, whilst the layers of graduated paint provide an updated take on the many colours seen on the original Elmer.

‘Born to Stand Out’ by Charlotte Audrey.


‘Born to Stand Out’ by Charlotte Audrey.

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