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Watch our 2016 case study showing how our Snowdog Art Trails raised valuable funds for charity.

The Elmer sculptures reach thousands of people across the region and engage with corporates, and major donors, to communities, youth groups, and schools. Once transformed into unique works of art and displayed in the streets, the sculptures are not only significant fundraisers for charities but also attract thousands of visitors to the region. After the Elmer sculptures have been on public display Elmer’s Big Art Parades culminate with an auction of the sculptures raising vital funds for each local hospice.

Wild in Art are pleased to work with the following charity partners:






Elmer Figurines


adorable Elmer figurine designs available!

We’ve developed a collection of four adorable Elmer figurines to coincide and celebrate Elmer’s Big Art Parades. The miniature Elmer figurines are available to purchase online (via Wild in Art) and in stores via the following charity partners:

  • St Elizabeth Hospice Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk
  • St Luke’s Hospice Elmer’s Big Parade Plymouth
  • St Oswald’s Hospice Elmer’s Great North Parade
  • Heart of Kent Hospice in Maidstone
  • Northern Ireland Hospice

So by picking up a small memento, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the success of the trail.

Elmer's Big Art Parades

Elmer's Big Art Parades