Artist Mik Richardson celebrates 50 years since the Moon Landings with ‘Elmer Armstrong’ figurine

Wild in Art are delighted to announce Mik Richardson’s ‘Elmer Armstrong’ design is making a giant leap into figurine production. We chat to Mik about his inspiration and how he feels about transforming his space themed design into a miniature.

After rigorous tests Mik Richardson‘s ‘Elmer Armstrong’ design passed the approval process at Andersen Press and now Wild in Art are pleased to be putting it into production as a miniature figurine. We caught up with Mik on his celebratory moon landing design.

What’s the inspiration for ‘Elmer Armstrong’?

The inspiration for ‘Elmer Armstrong’ is without doubt that 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong being the first man to walk on the moon, and the immortal words of “one small step, one giant leap…” made me think of the large footprint of the elephant. I also have a fascination for space and for what’s out there.

What do you like about space?

Well, I wish I had a bit more of it, Ha Ha. I have always been fascinated with space, the sheer vastness of it and how long the Universe has been in existence is astounding. There are billions of galaxies out there and I am in no doubt that we are not alone.

How did the moon landing make you feel?

I remember seeing the moon landing as a little kid and wondering why wasn’t the picture as good as Doctor Who! But I did realise what it was all about and that this was the first step to seeing science fiction becoming fact.

Where do you see space travel going in the next 50 years?

Looking at where we are now, since the moon landing, I don’t think we will be zooming to other galaxies, but it would be incredible if we had a breakthrough, in travel, so that we could. I can definitely see us having some kind of settlement on Mars though and hopefully finding out if there really is life beneath the icy surface of the Jupiter moon Europa.

How do you feel about your design being turned into a figurine?

It’s incredibly gratifying seeing your design turned into a porcelain miniature. It’s wonderful seeing your design on the large sculptures in the streets, hopefully being admired by the public, but to know they like it enough to want their own mini copy of it on their mantlepiece, is just amazing.

The original ‘Elmer Armstrong’ sketch by Mik Richardson.

Mik Richardson’s ‘Elmer Armstrong’ design is now available to purchase.

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